First Hand Insight of Why NOT to Wait Until Spring

A neighbor of mine just listed their home for sale.  I’m sure you’re wondering, why didn’t you list it?  For the years I’ve lived across the street, they use a side entrance to access their home, and to be honest have very much kept to themselves.  I wave, say hello and they generally just wave and that’s it.  So the what do you do and how are things going conversations never came up.  Back to the post..So, it’s a ranch home, with a good size yard and inground swimming pool.  It is also spacious inside with a double driveway and garage.  It has potential and is listed currently at $209,000.

When buyers are looking for a home, remember, they aren’t going to just look at 3 like the reality TV shows have you believe, you can look at 10 homes before you say, this is it, this is home (sometimes more).  Right now, the buyers who have pre-qualified letters from banks are waiting to move, waiting for a great new home to come on the market.  And from the open houses, caravans and listings I’ve been inside over the past month, there are a lot of great houses on the market that might just be what you are looking for!  Contact me today and we can begin the process!

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