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Got Cold Feet About Home Buying? Here’s How to Cope

Buying a home is a lot like getting married: Your stomach’s all butterflies as you make the offer; then you’re over the moon once it’s accepted. Only then, as you take those slow, winding steps toward the big day (aka closing), completely different butterflies may settle in the pit of your gut: Holy crap, this is a huge commitment. Did I make the right choice?
Chillax: Suffering a case of cold feet over an impending home purchase is remarkably commonplace. And it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong, or that you shouldn’t follow through. Odds are, your mind is just reeling with a lot of “what-ifs” that can feel downright paralyzing.
After reading this article, Melissa Christopher, Ocean County, NJ Realtor® Associate has the following insight:
There is a lot of ups and downs of the home buying process.  You will wait by your phone and computer waiting for an answer on many occasions.  Take some deep breaths and entrust your real estate professionals!


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