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How to Choose A REALTOR® For Selling Your Home

  1. Comfort Level. You have to have a rapport with your agent and be able to communicate openly.  Choose somebody that you are able to speak to freely and that you aren’t just going to yes to death or because of a personal relationship be afraid to be a little firm when needed.  This is your home that you are selling and you need to feel comfortable when speaking.  When you sign a listing contract for 6 months to sell your home, that is a long time that you will need to work together.  Trust your instincts.  More than likely, you will be working together on the purchase of your next home as well, so this is very important to feel comfortable.

  2. Availability. Ensure they are available when you will need them.  For example, if you are working with an agent who is an agent part time, you have to understand their 9-5 day job is going to come first.  Thus, on a Tuesday morning if you want to look at a home because it is your day off, that isn’t feasible.  They also may not be able to communicate throughout the day so if you have an urgent question or thought, you will have to wait until they are free.  This is especially important during the listing at a point where they are your point of contact and things are dependent on an answer.  If they are unreachable all day, things could get held up 24 hours depending on the situation.  Banks aren’t open 24 hours for example.

  3. Listings. How many other listings do they have?  For example, Suzy has 20 listings in her name and has to market all of those listings.  She may have a team and an assistant to do so and significant resources, but ask about the budgets for marketing and the priority on where you will fall on the scale of importance and on the rotation.  Suzy can’t market all 20 properties day in and day out and work all angles.  There are only so many spots on a print ad or on a facebook post or group that you can publish to daily.  Also keep in mind, you are interviewing Suzy.  Who is on her team?

  4. Equipment. Do they own a camera or will the take pictures or your home to showcase with a smartphone?  Let me tell you, and I’m sure you know, cell phones take beautiful pictures, but this is your home, not a selfie.  Lighting and megapixels in cases such as these matter.  Pictures are what will make a buyer request information on your home and ask their REALTOR® to bring them to look at it.  Use a real camera!  Also, dimensions of rooms.  Why would you leave the master bedroom size dimensions blank when selling the home.  They should have a tape measure!

  5. Pictures.  Speaking of cameras, pictures… They are the first impression buyers will get.  Listings with bad pictures are going to possibly disqualify the buyer from wanting to see it.  Bad pictures or no pictures also make the buyer think the home isn’t in the best of shape, dirty, in need or repair.  Of course, your REALTOR®isn’t going to come in and clean your home, some of this falls on you to help them.  For example, empty your sink.  Put the laundry away.  Home staging is extremely important.

  6. Open Houses.  Will your agent be hosting an open house for agents and brokers?  Will your agent be hosting open houses for buyers?  Again, go back to how many listings and ensure they have resources to showcase your home.  Also, that they believe in open houses.  Some agents don’t do open houses.

  7. Marketing. Internet marketing is where the real estate industry is moving to.  Yes, there are still print ads but so many more transactions begin online now than ever before.  Does the agent know how to market online?  Find out! Where will your homes be marketed? What is the marketing plan?

  8. Location. Does the REALTOR®know the area? Is the agent local for showings if a buyer requests to see the home and does not have their own agent?  Another important factor.  If you don’t have a lock box and are relying on agent showings, make sure the agent is able to get to the home and again, available.  Also, they are selling your home.  They should know the area to talk it up to buyers!

  9. Contact.  How often will you hear from the agent?  Will they get you to sign the contract, put a sign up and be in contact or no?  You as the seller need to know what is going on.  Where was your home marketed this week? How many hits on the page? How many showings are lined up?  Where was it marketed? What is next weeks plan?  So many sellers say that they don’t hear from their agent as often as they like.  Make sure your agent is reachable and will remain in contact with you.

  10. Accessibility.  Are you going on vacation? If so, do you have a team that will take over while you are gone or will my home wait for you to get back?  You need to know and make sure there is a system in place.  If the agent is sick and can’t get out of bed to show your house and a buyer is waiting, make sure they have a backup!

  11. The Transaction.If the REALTOR®is fumbling over the contract, lost paperwork, etc., how do you think the rest of the listing will go?  Make sure they are qualified and professional.  That they are business savvy, able to negotiate, hold a conversation, knowledgeable.  This person is responsible with your most expensive asset and your future.

Selling a home is an adventure.Be sure to check out the articles I’ve hand picked below and follow me for more.Once you pick an agent, make sure you are prepared to sell.Don’t overlook the important factors like adding curb appeal, cleaning and organizing.Good luck!Happy Moving!

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