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Why NOT to Wait Until Spring to List Your NJ Home for Sale

Let’s debunk a big myth here.

Myth: Don’t sell your home in the winter.  Wait until Spring

Myth Debunked: Yes, in spring, the grass is green, flowers are blooming and everything and everybody just seem happy. But…

Let me break down for you why waiting may not get you bottom dollar and wait a little longer.

1.  It’s February 2017, mortgage rates are low and they are expected as always to rise.  Leading us to # 2.

2.  There are buyers out there, and Ocean County NJ is low on inventory.  So if you are thinking of listing your home in March/April with the masses, you will have a tougher competition out there.  As opposed to right now, there isn’t as much competition, making your home coveted.

3.  A home can look great no matter the season.  Play it up geared towards the season.  Buyers can visualize flowers they are planning to plant.  It’s winter- play up the fireplace and indoors a little more during the home staging.  Then come spring, instead of staging your home for somebody else, plant in your new home!  Start your garden in a fresh location!

4.  You are afraid of moving in winter?  If you were to list your home in February, it still takes time.  For marketing to get launched and kicked in, you are talking 2-3 weeks.  Then you will have showings, contracts, negotiations and terms, financing.  You aren’t looking at moving for at least at the best case 75-90 days.  And it may take longer if your home doesn’t sell on day 1 of the listing.

If you wait until March/April to list, you’ve lost time that you aren’t going to make up.  You will have more competition at that point.  Let your home stand out now!  Contact me today and we can begin the process so come March/April you won’t be planting and staging your home for a seller, you’ll be in your new home!

I have plenty of tips and advice to get you through a winter listing.