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Decision: I Need to Buy A Larger Home in NJ

Since you purchased your home that you live in, situations have changed.  It was you and your fiance when you moved in, now it is you, your husband/wife and 3 kids.  The 3 bedroom home you are living in just isn’t cutting it.  The kids are sharing a room to sleep, the toys have overrun your home, the yard isn’t large enough for them to play with their toys.

Now that is a very common scenario.  You’ve decided to upsize.  Congratulations!  You are about to embark on a selling and buying journey.  So now that you’ve said that’s it, we are moving, what’s next?

Well, the first thing I would do is contact a professional real estate agent in your town.  Do a google search, ask a friend perhaps, and see who is the best Realtor in your town to assist you in the selling and buying process.  A top Realtor will be able to set you up with a finance member to assist you in establishing some boundaries and steps to take.  A top Realtor will also be able to guide you every step of the way from the first appointment to the closing table where keys to your larger home are in hand.

When choosing a Realtor, go on more than just the biggest name you recognize though.  Interview a few, don’t just settle on one.  You are on a journey together, so ensure you are comfortable in your decision.  Good luck and check out my tips and advice for buying and selling your NJ home from articles and blog posts right here on