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How to Select a Neighborhood When Buying a Home in NJ

Whether you are buying a home in a town that you are familiar with, or a town that you will be new to, you still have to choose a home and a neighborhood.

How many times do you see a home online and think wow i love that home!  Only to drive by it and see that the neighborhood isn’t what you are looking for.  Every person has their own wish list.  Ensure that you have an idea of what it is that you are looking for.  You clearly don’t have a crystal ball, but think about, how long will I be in that home?  Will I be having children next year?  Will we fit?  Will my children be moving out to college in a couple of years?  This will not only decide possibly on the home you buy, but also the neighborhood in which you choose to live.

For example, if you have small children, you may wish to move to a neighborhood with a park in it or one where the children can ride their bikes to the park.  For example, Barnegat Pines in Lacey, NJ has a great park over by the lake for kids to play in.  Do you want for them to walk or ride their bike?  Or will you drive them?

Perhaps you know that you will be retiring in 2 years and you love to fish.  You may decide that now is the right time to move into a community such as Sunrise Beach or off Beach Blvd so that you can walk, drive or ride your bike down to the bay beach, sit and fish.  Are you a boater or looking to buy a boat?  You may wish to buy a home in Beach Blvd so that you have access to a dock as opposed to Cranberry Hill or Barnegat Pines where you are inland.

Everybody has their own needs, wants, wish list.  Choosing a neighborhood isn’t all that easy, especially if you are not familiar with the area.  So what do you do?  Research!  Talk to people.  Drive around and walk around at different times of day and night.  Not everything can be done online nowadays.  You can’t ask Alexa what she thinks of Cranberry Hill for a boater.  The best suggestion I can give is – do your research!  This isn’t a shirt you bought online and want to return!