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You’ve Decided: I’m Ready to Become a First Time Home Buyer in NJ!

That’s great news!  You’ve decided to move in 2017 into a new home in NJ.  Whether you have previously been renting or living with family, buying your first home is monumental.  And I’m sure you have a lot of questions (as you should!).

I’ve compiled here many great articles to shed some light on the home buying process to give you tips and advice.  However, these articles are a guide and some great reading to get informed, but remember, one thing that you can’t just buy on Amazon Prime (yet) is a home.

Please ensure that you contact a Realtor in your area to assist you in the home buying process.  Whether it is a friend, family member, referral or one that you have selected online, ensure that you meet with them and are comfortable with them and their expertise.  The home buying process, especially in a state like NJ, is just that- a process.  So ensure that you choose the best realtor for your needs.  You may live in one town and be moving to another.  For example, you currently live in Lacey, NJ but depending on your budget and homes available, you know you might move as far as Manahawkin, NJ but prefer to move to Barnegat, NJ vs travelling that far for work.  Whatever your needs, find who you feel is the best realtor to assist you.  Good luck!

Anything you need, I’m here to help!