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House Hunting House Tours

Once you establish what you are looking for, tell me and I will work with you to create a list of properties to preview in person.  ​

Once I have that list…. 

I will schedule appointments with the listing agent/seller, route them on the map, gather information and advise you where to meet.  Depending on the number of properties on your list, will depend on the length of time for you to block out.  I would say each home can take as little as 10 minutes for those that don’t meet your standards and go up from there.  ​

Remember, some are owner occupied so being punctual is important as they have left the home for you to preview it.  Always be respectful, wipe your feet, remain courteous.  Once you leave, the listing agent will reach out for feedback to relay to the seller.  ​

Homes that are vacant are easier to preview.  You won’t feel as bad opening closets / cabinets.  You do need to judge closet sizes though, so even if a home is not yet cleared out, yes, you can open them!​

In today’s world, be cautious of speaking freely inside and outside of the homes, as many homes have cameras which may allow the seller to hear / see everything.  Don’t talk numbers!​

House Hunting shows are extremely popular! Remember… that is TV! Be realistic with your goals, abilities, finances & expectations!​