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House Hunting

  • What are you looking for?
    • Utilize the Dream Home worksheet to establish your initial search parameters! ​
  • Location
    • Consider the proximity to transportation / impact on commute and proximity to family.​
    • Do you have neighborhood wish lists ?​
  • Budget to Shop within
    • Utilize the Pre-approval amount your lender gave you.​
    • Consider carrying costs after closing- HOA, taxes, etc.​
    • Don’t search above your pre-approved amount.  Depending on the market, in order to win the bid on the home, you may need to offer list price / above.​
  • Updated Search & Alerts
    • While looking, allow my tools to send you automated emails for ease of searching based on your search parameters.  Not all sites have updated info online!​
  • Your Search May Evolve
    • While you are looking, you may wish to put the kitchen of House A with the back yard of House B.  You will learn what matters most and fine tune the search/expand. It will all come together!​
  • Perform Your Due Diligence
    • Looking to modify the home? Check with the town, etc.​
    • Drive by different times of day / night.​
    • Look up, look down, look around! ​
  • Identifying “The Home”
    • Once you’ve found “The Home” it’s onto ​
      the next step…. Submitting an offer!​