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The Offer Process

  • Request & Review the Property Condition Disclosure Statement.​
  • Did you observe any repairs? What will they cost? Are the sellers willing to share the cost?​
  • How long has the home been on the Market?​
  • What is the current market status? Is it a Buyers / Sellers market?​
  • Are there multiple offers in?​
  • What is the sellers situation? Have they identified their next location? Think of your timeline needed.​
  • Ensure it meets the items on your wish list? You can change cosmetic things, but you CANNOT change location or property size.  Also, adding / changing layouts of rooms will require more time and money.​
  • Prepare the Contract of Sale (your offer) & your agent will submit it!​
  • Upon receipt from the seller, negotiations will begin.  A seller can do any of the following while they work to obtain the most solid offer to get their house sold. They can…​
  • Counter your offer.  This can volley back and forth (while the home remains on the market!)​
  • Accept your offer.​
  • Reject your offer with no counter.​
  • Ask for your Highest & Best. This is typically when multiple offers are in.  ​
  • Timing & Deadlines will unfold for the ​
    next steps​
  • Real Estate Professionals should be​
    Lined Up for the next steps​
  • I will help you through it all !​