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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Dectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguishers will be the subject of a certification the Seller of a home will need prior to closing.  In 2018, State Fire Marshalls have upped their inspections when an agent goes online to verify the existence of the proper equipment and location, prior to them handing over the certification.


State Fire Codes have been updated as of 1/1/19 to the following:


Per the fire code, Ten year sealed battery-powered single station smoke alarms shall be installed and shall be listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 217, incorporated herein by reference.  However, A/C powered single or multiple-station smoke alarms installed as part of the original construction or rehabilitation project shall not be replaced with battery-powered smoke alarms.



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Did You Have A Failed Listing?

  • Why do you think your home didn’t sell?​
  • If you got feedback, what was it?​
  • How was your home marketed?​
  • Were any showings refused?​
  • Did you receive or refuse any offers?​
  • Was the price adjusted? If no, why not?​
  • Did you receive regular progress reports?​
  • Were there any public and/or broker opens?​
  • Did you have a professional photographer?​
  • Did you have a video walk through done?​
  • Are you still committed to selling the property?​
  • Have you made recent updates?​
  • What is the debt against the property? ​

Choosing An Agent, Preparing For Sale, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips, The Listing Process

Top 13 Questions For Before You List

  • What drew you to this home when you bought it?​
  • What is your favorite/least favorite thing about this house?​
  • What is your favorite/least favorite thing about this neighborhood?​
  • What sets your home apart from others ?​
  • Why are you looking to sell?​
  • How soon do you need to move?​
  • Which is more important—price or timing?​
  • What challenges do you see in selling your home?​
  • Who do you think is the ideal buyer for this home?​
  • What is your plan if your home doesn’t sell in the time period you indicated?​
  • What qualities do you want in your agent?​
  • Do you have a ballpark price in mind? ​
  • Tell me about your home – how long you’ve lived here, what you like best about it and whether you’ve performed any renovations or major repairs.​

Choosing An Agent, Preparing For Sale, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips, The Listing Process

The Role Of A Sellers Agent

The role of an agent is to guide and advise you through the process. We’re a team, working together! ​

  • Help you determine the highest possible selling price for your home ​
  • Present a list of suggested repairs or presentation tips, if necessary ​
  • Recommend reputable repair companies, if necessary​
  • Take professional pictures and video for marketing purposes ​
  • Share your home with our extensive global network ​
  • Enter your home in the local listing services​
  • Advertise your home to ensure the greatest exposure to buyers​
  • Arrange showings​
  • Gather and present feedback from showings​
  • Present and negotiate offers on your behalf​
  • Guide you through the contract and attorney review process​
  • Guide you through the home inspection & appraisal​
  • Guide you through township and state requirements​
  • Assist the attorney & title company in closing needs-iemonitor buyer’s loan and progress​
  • Assist you on the purchase of your next home, if necessary​
  • Be present at closing to ensure a successful transaction & to CELEBRATE!​

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House Hunting

  • What are you looking for?
    • Utilize the Dream Home worksheet to establish your initial search parameters! ​
  • Location
    • Consider the proximity to transportation / impact on commute and proximity to family.​
    • Do you have neighborhood wish lists ?​
  • Budget to Shop within
    • Utilize the Pre-approval amount your lender gave you.​
    • Consider carrying costs after closing- HOA, taxes, etc.​
    • Don’t search above your pre-approved amount.  Depending on the market, in order to win the bid on the home, you may need to offer list price / above.​
  • Updated Search & Alerts
    • While looking, allow my tools to send you automated emails for ease of searching based on your search parameters.  Not all sites have updated info online!​
  • Your Search May Evolve
    • While you are looking, you may wish to put the kitchen of House A with the back yard of House B.  You will learn what matters most and fine tune the search/expand. It will all come together!​
  • Perform Your Due Diligence
    • Looking to modify the home? Check with the town, etc.​
    • Drive by different times of day / night.​
    • Look up, look down, look around! ​
  • Identifying “The Home”
    • Once you’ve found “The Home” it’s onto ​
      the next step…. Submitting an offer!​
Buying Tips, Choosing An Agent- Buyer, First Time Buyer, The Buying Process, Tips For the Buyer

House Hunting House Tours

Once you establish what you are looking for, tell me and I will work with you to create a list of properties to preview in person.  ​

Once I have that list…. 

I will schedule appointments with the listing agent/seller, route them on the map, gather information and advise you where to meet.  Depending on the number of properties on your list, will depend on the length of time for you to block out.  I would say each home can take as little as 10 minutes for those that don’t meet your standards and go up from there.  ​

Remember, some are owner occupied so being punctual is important as they have left the home for you to preview it.  Always be respectful, wipe your feet, remain courteous.  Once you leave, the listing agent will reach out for feedback to relay to the seller.  ​

Homes that are vacant are easier to preview.  You won’t feel as bad opening closets / cabinets.  You do need to judge closet sizes though, so even if a home is not yet cleared out, yes, you can open them!​

In today’s world, be cautious of speaking freely inside and outside of the homes, as many homes have cameras which may allow the seller to hear / see everything.  Don’t talk numbers!​

House Hunting shows are extremely popular! Remember… that is TV! Be realistic with your goals, abilities, finances & expectations!​


Buying Tips, First Time Buyer, Offer & Acceptance, Preparing to Sell, The Buying Process, The Selling Process, Tips For the Buyer

Navigating A Home Sale Contingency

If you own a home and need to sell your home in order to qualify for the purchase of a new home, you will need to satisfy the “home sale contingency.”  Here is some information on them.  Your attorney can assist with it, answer questions as can your agent!

If a Buyers Property is Listed & Under Contract:

If the buyers property is the subject of a contract of sale, the buyer will need to:​

  1. Provide a copy of the contract of sale to the Sellers agent and to the seller at the time of signing the offer.​
  2. Notify agents of any changes in contract of sale through the process.​
  3. Notify the sellers real estate professionals of the established closing date within 3 days of setting the  closing date.  That way you can align however it is needed. ​

If a Buyers Property is NOT Under Contract Nor listed:

  1. Buyer will list the property with a licensed real estate broker within 5 business days after the attorney review period is completed OR if the contract is disapproved within 5 business days after parties agree to the contract.​
  2. A copy of the executed listing agreement needs to be provided within 3 business days of execution.​
  3. The buyer agrees to use their best effort to sell the property including listing it at a Reasonable price on reasonable terms and submitting it to the MLS.​
  4. Once a contract is entered into, the buyer will furnish the contract within 3 days of the fully executed contract and update of any changes throughout. ​
  5. Furnish closing date within 3 days of it being set to align the dates as needed.​
  6. If the contract is voided and doesn’t work out, notify the seller ​
  7. Set time of performance dates to adhere to.​

If you have a home sale contingency, note that…. 

  1. The Seller can/will continue to market the property​
    looking for non contingent buyers.​
  2. If an offer is submitted to the seller, seller shall notify​
    buyer and give 2 business days time to allow the buyer ​
    to deliver a way to drop the contingency​

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Closing Checklist Items

Prior to closing, you will need to arrange to have utilities transferred into your name for the day of closing/next day.  Be sure to check in with school for protocol on transferring  / registering a student.​

Log additional information for non-essentials but good to know items here too!​

  1. Electricity Company:  ________________________________ ​
  2. Water Company:  ____________________________________​
  3. Sewage Company:  __________________________________​
  4. Gas Company:  ______________________________________​
  5. Oil Company: _______________________________________​
  6. Trash Company:  ____________________________________ ​
  7. Trash Pick-Up Dates:  _________________________________​
  8. Internet / Phone / Cable Provider : ______________________​
  9. Alarm System: ______________________________________​
  10. Sprinkler Company: __________________________________​
  11. Pool Service: _______________________________________​
  12. Landscaping Service:_ ________________________________​
  13. Solar Panels: _______________________________________​
  14. Pest Control Service: _________________________________​
  15. Well Service: _______________________________________​
  16. Elementary School:  __________________________________​
  17. Middle School:  _____________________________________​
  18.  High School:  _______________________________________​
  19. Extra Notes:  _______________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________​