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Did You Have A Failed Listing?

  • Why do you think your home didn’t sell?​
  • If you got feedback, what was it?​
  • How was your home marketed?​
  • Were any showings refused?​
  • Did you receive or refuse any offers?​
  • Was the price adjusted? If no, why not?​
  • Did you receive regular progress reports?​
  • Were there any public and/or broker opens?​
  • Did you have a professional photographer?​
  • Did you have a video walk through done?​
  • Are you still committed to selling the property?​
  • Have you made recent updates?​
  • What is the debt against the property? ​

Choosing An Agent, Preparing For Sale, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips, The Listing Process

Top 13 Questions For Before You List

  • What drew you to this home when you bought it?​
  • What is your favorite/least favorite thing about this house?​
  • What is your favorite/least favorite thing about this neighborhood?​
  • What sets your home apart from others ?​
  • Why are you looking to sell?​
  • How soon do you need to move?​
  • Which is more important—price or timing?​
  • What challenges do you see in selling your home?​
  • Who do you think is the ideal buyer for this home?​
  • What is your plan if your home doesn’t sell in the time period you indicated?​
  • What qualities do you want in your agent?​
  • Do you have a ballpark price in mind? ​
  • Tell me about your home – how long you’ve lived here, what you like best about it and whether you’ve performed any renovations or major repairs.​

Choosing An Agent, Preparing For Sale, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips, The Listing Process

The Role Of A Sellers Agent

The role of an agent is to guide and advise you through the process. We’re a team, working together! ​

  • Help you determine the highest possible selling price for your home ​
  • Present a list of suggested repairs or presentation tips, if necessary ​
  • Recommend reputable repair companies, if necessary​
  • Take professional pictures and video for marketing purposes ​
  • Share your home with our extensive global network ​
  • Enter your home in the local listing services​
  • Advertise your home to ensure the greatest exposure to buyers​
  • Arrange showings​
  • Gather and present feedback from showings​
  • Present and negotiate offers on your behalf​
  • Guide you through the contract and attorney review process​
  • Guide you through the home inspection & appraisal​
  • Guide you through township and state requirements​
  • Assist the attorney & title company in closing needs-iemonitor buyer’s loan and progress​
  • Assist you on the purchase of your next home, if necessary​
  • Be present at closing to ensure a successful transaction & to CELEBRATE!​

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Navigating A Home Sale Contingency

If you own a home and need to sell your home in order to qualify for the purchase of a new home, you will need to satisfy the “home sale contingency.”  Here is some information on them.  Your attorney can assist with it, answer questions as can your agent!

If a Buyers Property is Listed & Under Contract:

If the buyers property is the subject of a contract of sale, the buyer will need to:​

  1. Provide a copy of the contract of sale to the Sellers agent and to the seller at the time of signing the offer.​
  2. Notify agents of any changes in contract of sale through the process.​
  3. Notify the sellers real estate professionals of the established closing date within 3 days of setting the  closing date.  That way you can align however it is needed. ​

If a Buyers Property is NOT Under Contract Nor listed:

  1. Buyer will list the property with a licensed real estate broker within 5 business days after the attorney review period is completed OR if the contract is disapproved within 5 business days after parties agree to the contract.​
  2. A copy of the executed listing agreement needs to be provided within 3 business days of execution.​
  3. The buyer agrees to use their best effort to sell the property including listing it at a Reasonable price on reasonable terms and submitting it to the MLS.​
  4. Once a contract is entered into, the buyer will furnish the contract within 3 days of the fully executed contract and update of any changes throughout. ​
  5. Furnish closing date within 3 days of it being set to align the dates as needed.​
  6. If the contract is voided and doesn’t work out, notify the seller ​
  7. Set time of performance dates to adhere to.​

If you have a home sale contingency, note that…. 

  1. The Seller can/will continue to market the property​
    looking for non contingent buyers.​
  2. If an offer is submitted to the seller, seller shall notify​
    buyer and give 2 business days time to allow the buyer ​
    to deliver a way to drop the contingency​

Buying Tips, First Time Buyer, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips, The Buying Process, The Selling Process, Tips During the Listing, Tips For the Buyer

Should I Hire An Attorney

  • To protect your interests, it is advised to conduct your real estate transaction with a NJ Real Estate Attorney.  The attorney will:​
    • Review your contract of sale agreement within your 3 day right of review period.​
    • Assist in negotiations of the conditions of the sale.​
    • Revise the contract of sale agreement to protect you and your money.​
    • Assist in inspections reports and negotiations.​
    • Ensure the contract of sale is followed and satisfied per all deadlines and that all conditions are met.​
    • Assist the Title company and real estate agent with closing proceedings.​
    • Attend the closing to represent your interests.​
Preparing For Sale, Preparing to Sell, Selling Tips

Preparing Your Home For Sale- Exterior

Improve Curb Appeal

  • The first view (and first impression) of your home comes when potential buyers drive by your home.
  • Keep the lawn manicured and edged.
  • Add a little fertilizer to turn your lawn a healthy green color.
  • Trim bushes so that they don’t cover your windows
  • Plant some flowers
  • Repair any cracks in the driveway
  • Repair and paint the fence
  • Freshly paint or touch up any bad paint areas.
  • Clean the gutters
  • Remove leaves


Reduce Any Outside Clutter

  • Consider moving any unused vehicles, campers or boats
  • Store trash cans inside the garage
  • Put children’s bikes & toys neatly into the garage or another storage area.
  • Remove old lawn decorations
  • Check bushes for hidden newspapers and ads
  • Clean out the garage.  Have a pre-moving garage sale!


Home Exterior Touch Ups

  • Check to make sure all railings, steps, gutters and antennas are secured.
  • Check house numbers to make sure they are visible from the street.
  • Check your mailbox for rust
  • Look for wear or fading on your front door
  • Wash the windows – inside and out
  • Polish any outside brass
  • Replace or repair your screens
  • Insure that the doorbell and outside lights work
  • Buy a new welcome mat!


  • Now is a great time to clear away items you kept “just in case” you ever needed them!  If you haven’t used them/ needed them by now, you  may never will!
  • Is your garage a storage area for everything that doesn’t fit in the trash? Throw it away!
  • Old boxes / broken items / forgotten items?  Throw it away!
  • Give away or sell what you don’t need!
  • Sweep / wash the floor!
  • Dust everything standing still
  • Lawn equipment, bikes, toys and boxes should be tidy and well organized


  • Think of your backyard as an extension of your living space.
  • Nice weather? Display freshly scrubbed /newly painted patio furniture outside.  Place them in conversational grouping.
  • Flowering shrubs? Roses?  Accentuate them! Have outside furniture overlook them or other areas of interest.
  • Garden? Remove weeds / trim overgrowth.  Pull dead plants.



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Why NOT to Wait Until Spring to List Your NJ Home for Sale

Let’s debunk a big myth here.

Myth: Don’t sell your home in the winter.  Wait until Spring

Myth Debunked: Yes, in spring, the grass is green, flowers are blooming and everything and everybody just seem happy. But…

Let me break down for you why waiting may not get you bottom dollar and wait a little longer.

1.  It’s February 2017, mortgage rates are low and they are expected as always to rise.  Leading us to # 2.

2.  There are buyers out there, and Ocean County NJ is low on inventory.  So if you are thinking of listing your home in March/April with the masses, you will have a tougher competition out there.  As opposed to right now, there isn’t as much competition, making your home coveted.

3.  A home can look great no matter the season.  Play it up geared towards the season.  Buyers can visualize flowers they are planning to plant.  It’s winter- play up the fireplace and indoors a little more during the home staging.  Then come spring, instead of staging your home for somebody else, plant in your new home!  Start your garden in a fresh location!

4.  You are afraid of moving in winter?  If you were to list your home in February, it still takes time.  For marketing to get launched and kicked in, you are talking 2-3 weeks.  Then you will have showings, contracts, negotiations and terms, financing.  You aren’t looking at moving for at least at the best case 75-90 days.  And it may take longer if your home doesn’t sell on day 1 of the listing.

If you wait until March/April to list, you’ve lost time that you aren’t going to make up.  You will have more competition at that point.  Let your home stand out now!  Contact me today and we can begin the process so come March/April you won’t be planting and staging your home for a seller, you’ll be in your new home!

I have plenty of tips and advice to get you through a winter listing.