Services Offered

Professional Services With
A Personal Touch:

Selling? You’ve come to me, because you want to sell your house in NJ.  Here’s a Snapshot of What You Get When You List Your Home With Melissa Christopher

  • Pricing to put optimum dollar back to you.

    • Pricing is determined by you the seller with my input which is derived from analysis of market data, trends and statics along with a review of your home.  Myself and my agency team will also consistently review the new market activity throughout the listing to determine if a price adjustment is appropriate.

  • Listing Features

    • Pictures & Videos:  My team is experienced in taking cutting edge pictures, videos and compiling virtual tours.  Pictures and videos are worth 1,000 words BUT snapping a picture with a cell phone will not cut it.

    • Listing Descriptions:  Data collected and submitted for advertising will feature a thorough description and all selling points of your home.  Brand names? List them!  Show stopping features? List them! Pictures can’t communicate to buyers elements such as room dimensions.  Why would you not tell a prospective buyer the size of a bedroom?  I’ve seen many, many listings omit these items.  An agent should have a tape measure AND a camera!

  • Where Will Your Home Be Showcased?

    • Your home will be submitted into the Jersey Shore MLS giving your home exposure to other brokers and agents so that we can bring you pre-qualified buyers.

    • Your home will also be added to top internet sites immediately following the listing to:





      • Instagram
      • Facebook

      • Twitter

      • As well as many other Real Estate related internet sites

    • Just Listed post cards will be sent out to your neighbors for reaching any friends or family that are interested in moving to the neighborhood.
    • Broker Caravan and Broker Open House which gives other agents the opportunity to view your home and become acquainted with all the amenities to help promote its selling power for their potential buyers and networks.

    • “Open Houses” for direct selling to buyers which will also be advertised on all advertising platforms mentioned above as well as inner networks.

    • Yard signs will be used to enhance the visibility of your home.

  • Services provided to you throughout the listing:

    • I  can provide a lock box or will schedule showings pursuant to your needs.

    • Helpful suggestions to home staging  to enhance your homes selling potential.

  • Under Contract? What’s next?

    • I will keep you updated and advise you on progress of pre-closing pest and home inspections, CO inspections if applicable, insurance requirements and all other stages of the home selling process.

    • I will be your number one source to monitor your buyers progress and walk you through each step.

    • Next home purchase assistance.Now that one door closed, what door will open next for you? Allow us to assist you!

  • What to Expect:

    • Feedback supplied to us through our follow up with buyers & agents will be communicated to you.

    • Offers received will be immediately relayed to you so that we may decide on the next step.

    • Excellent negotiating skills to get you top dollar and under contract.

    • Once you and the buyers agree on a price and closing timeframe, we will actively work to get the deal to the closing table.

    • I promise to remain in consistent contact with you personally during the listing period at least twice a week with updates to discuss what is going on with your home. Phone, text, email, we’ll work that out!

    • I promise to answer my phone when you call or return your call promptly 7 days a week.

    • I promise to be attentive to your needs and requests and work for you as I expect to be worked for.

Buying? You’ve come to me, because you want to buy a new home.  Here’s a Snapshot of What You Get With Melissa Christopher. 

  • Knowledge.  As a Realtor in this area where you are looking to purchase your home, expect for myself and my team to know the market.  There is much to consider when buying a home, allow for us to be your source of information.

    • Listings

    • Market pricing

    • Area amenities

    • School systems

    • Demographics.

    • Commuting Information

    • Shopping & Dining

    • Sports & Recreation

    • Government

    • Much more!

  • Loyalty to You. As your agent, as the buyer, you are entitled to protection.  If you do not have a designated buyers agent and you walk into a home and work with the agent who is selling the home, he/she is a dual agent.  Per law, he/she will need to advise you of your situation.  At that time, he/she was first contracted by the seller, so their primary angle is to work for the seller to maximize their bottom dollar.  Working with your own agent, a buyer’s agent, ensures somebody is looking out for you.  A seller’s agent isn’t going to be able to tell you certain things, as again, they work for the seller first.  Be sure somebody is working for you.  Better yet? Make sure it’s Me!

  • Resources. You have come to me in search of a home.  Allow me to utilize my vast network to find it for you!  I will pull listings, send them to you for review and we’ll select ones in which you are interested to tour and hopefully make yours.  Not all listings are marketed the same way by listing agents.  We are networked and have access as Realtors to more than what the public has.  We’ll keep going until we find you your dream home!

  • Pricing.  Once you find a home you are ready to put in an offer on, we’ll make sure it’s the right price.  Just because a home is listed for a specific price, does not mean it is listed accurately.  Using our expertise and knowledge about the market, the area and the home, we will create an offer with you and submit it.  This price, also has to be mindful of your financial backing.  A home must appraise to ensure that a mortgage can be written.  There is a lot that goes into this transaction.  Allow your agents to work for you.

  • Negotiation. Once you submit that offer, that’s when negotiation begins.  Let our experience in getting the best price for the market at hand work for you!

  • Process.  Buying a home is not as simple as buying a couch or even a car.  A lot goes into it, a lot of parties are involved and each step is time sensitive.  I will make sure the transaction is handled responsibly, with expertise and knowledge and get us to and through that closing.

  • Availability.  Contact me anytime.  I am a full time agent, so I will be able to assist you around your schedule and needs.  As there are some agents who are part time, and not readily available for calls, emails, showings and meetings, with myself, that is not an issue.

Selling & Buying?

All of the above and then some!  With 2 transactions, we’ll be working closely together, so let’s make this as stress free as possible and hopefully have a little fun!

Why Choose Melissa Christopher?