Are You Considering a Move to Lacey NJ?

I have been in your shoes- the house hunting shoes.  The moving to a new town shoes.  Everybody has different reasons, for me, I was looking for my first home in 2006.  For those of you who are unaware, that was right before the market was going to plunge.  If only we all had a crystal ball!

My husband and I were looking in Brick.  What we could afford were essentially the old beach bungalows off of Mantolooking road that wouldn’t fit the furniture I was moving from my condo, let alone my 6’3 husband through the doorway.  I kid you not.  We were pounding the pavement, driving by new homes daily, expanding the search parameter.  We were discouraged.  So one night, I went online and said OK, let’s go out of Brick.  What can I get then?  I grew up in Brick, so it was an odd thought, but I needed at that time to move so I expanded the search to all of Ocean County.  Just to see what would happen.

Then I stumbled on this town, Lacey NJ.  I called my mother, to ask her, where is Lacey? And she then reminded me of a store we went to here.  And reminded me we were here for different football games in high school and Pop Warner days.  I vaguely remembered it.  Enough that I was willing to take a drive.  Why?  The homes in Lacey were typical ranch style homes that had much more space than the homes we were looking at in Brick.  In Brick for example, it was a 750 square foot home for $250k on a lot that was just the house and a driveway.  In Lacey it was a 1500 square foot home with an 80×100 lot and the ranges were in the $220k range.  What a difference right?  Double everything for less money.  No brainer right?

I remember getting off the parkway and thinking wow this is a different world.  No traffic.  No strip malls galore.  For us… it was a change.  But the perfect change.

After looking at homes here, we found 3 homes that we narrowed it down to.  We ultimately decided on a home in Barnegat Pines.  10 years later we are still in that home.  Although we will be moving in the next couple of years due to running out of space, we will be staying in Lacey, NJ and raising our family  here.  I personally feel it’s a great town with many benefits.

Have questions?  Just ask!  I’m here to help and extend my knowledge of the area and experiences.  Reach out anytime.